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For Cars • Trucks • SUVs • Planes • Boats • RVs • Farm Equipment • Construction Vehicles

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condolenccondolenccondolencesicknesjewish Don’t let that new vehicle look become a memory!

Solar UV radiation is the enemy of your vehicle, causing premature aging and damage. SunBlock Products offers a complete line of UV protectants to prolong the life of your vehicle's tires and vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces, helping you keep that new vehicle look for years to come.

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The Ultimate UV Protection for Blackwall Tires


SunBlock For Tires has been specially formulated to block harmful sun and ozone damage to your tires. Right now, UV rays are penetrating your tires, attacking rubber ingredients that provide flexibility and resilience. SunBlock For Tires will prevent UV penetration and ozone damage after years of long-term exposure.

SunBlock For Tires will not peel, crack or weather away. It’s the long-term, reliable tire finish, with protection that lasts up to five years!

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The Ultimate Vehicle Dash, Vinyl, Plastic and Rubber Care Product for Vehicles and Boats

New SunBlock SuperFinish has been specially formulated to prevent harmful sun and ozone damage to interior vinyl, plastic and rubber extrusions. Right now, UV rays are penetrating virtually every component in your vehicle exposed to the sun, attacking the ingredients that provide color, flexibility and resilience. The unique SunBlock SuperFinish formula will prevent UV penetration and ozone damage, even after years of long-term exposure.

More information on SunBlock SuperFinish (130KB pdf file)  

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The Perfect Pre-Treatment for SunBlock for Tires

For optimum performance of SunBlock For Tires, your tires must be free of road grime and residue prior to application. This includes the removal of surface films left by many popular tire dressings. To insure your tires are clean and free from road grime and residue, always pre-treat your tires with SunBlock Tire Prep... the ultimate surface cleaner/degreaser!

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