The Ultimate UV Protection for Tires

SunBlock for Tires Protects Against UV and Ozone Damage

Solar UV radiation and ozone exposure are the enemies of your vehicle, causing premature aging and damage. SunBlock for Tires® UV protectant extends the performance life of all types of vehicle tires, including:

SunBlock For Tires is available in 32 oz., five (5) gallon, and fifty-five (55) gallon containers, as well as the new 6 oz. Deluxe Protection Kit, which also includes a 6 oz. bottle of SunBlock Tire Prep. Buy SunBlock For Tires

SunBlock Tire Prep: The Perfect Pre-Treatment

For optimum performance and proper adhesion of SunBlock For Tires, tires MUST be clean and free of any dirt, grease, or other residue, including surface films left by many popular tire dressings. To ensure your tires are clean and free from road grime and residue, always pre-treat your tires with SunBlock Tire Prep… the ultimate surface cleaner/degreaser!

SunBlock Tire Prep is available in 8 oz. bottles, and also comes included in the SunBlock for Tires Deluxe Protection Kit. Buy SunBlock Tire Prep